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The highest in category is marked by the highest score across all age groups in Novice & Competitive Sections. 

HIGHEST overall

The highest overall is the top 3 highest marks in the whole competition at Novice & Competitive levels. 

costume award

To enter the costume award it is a fee of £5. The costume award will be chosen in the final award ceromny and  will be issued for all entries in solos, duos, trios & group dances.  

judges award

The Judges award is solely down to the judge, they can choose their own award and each judge will nominate and give their selected award to their chosen dancer 

mr & Miss title award

To enter the costume award it is a fee of £5. Mr & Miss with the highest score out of all title entries will win this award and be crowned Mr & Miss Earth, Wind & Fire.

Choreography Award

Choreography awards will be awarded in the last award ceremony for best choreography of the day. 

sportsmanship award

A sportsmanship award will be given to the studio with the best overall sportsmanship during classes and competition. 

Entertainment award

An entertainment award will be awarded to the most entertaining group performance in the 12 & under and 13 & over age divisions.

all out performance award

An All Out performance award will be awarded to the overall highest scoring group of all age divisions. 

additional awards