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Acro: Routine that combines dance technique with acrobatic elements.


Ballet: Routine that includes classical ballet steps and technique. Ballet slippers only.


Contemporary: Routine that combines both lyrical and modern movements.


Lyrical: A combination of jazz and ballet techniques to slow music with lyrics to inspire movements to express emotions.

Commercial: Routine based on street movements or a derivative of this including commercial. 


Jazz: Routine that consists of jazz technique.


Musical Theatre: Routine that features any style of dance that interprets a song from a Broadway Show or Movie Musical. This can be a vocal entry or just dance. If vocal you are only permitted to have backing vocals on the track. A microphone will be provided. 


Open: Routines in this category can either be a combination of multiple genres or ones that may not fall into any other dance division.


Pointe: Routine must include classical ballet pointe technique. Pointe shoes only. 


Tap: Routine must include tap technique. No pre-recorded tap sounds in music.

Vocal: (Song and Dance) Entry that is sung by the competitor live, backing vocals are allowed on the track but the competitor must sing the main vocal of the track. A microphone will be provided. 

Entry Types

Fusion Dance Competion-dg5-260519.png