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rules & regulations 

entry types

Acro: Routine that combines dance technique with acrobatic elements.


Ballet : Routine that includes classical ballet steps and technique. Ballet slippers only.


Contemporary : Routine that combines both lyrical and modern movements.


Lyrical: A combination of jazz and ballet techniques to slow music with lyrics to inspire movements to express emotions.

Hip Hop/ Street: Routine based on street movements or a derivative of this including commercial. 


Jazz : Routine that consists of jazz technique.


Musical Theatre : Routine that features any style of dance that interprets a song from a Broadway Show or Movie Musical. This can be a vocal, or dance. If vocal you are only permitted to have backing vocals on the track. A microphone will be provided. 


Open : Routines in this category can either be a combination of multiple genres or ones that may not fall into any other dance division.


Pointe : Routine must include classical ballet pointe technique. Pointe shoes only. 


Tap : Routine must include tap technique. No pre-recorded tap sounds in music.

Vocal: (Song and Dance) Entry that is sung by the competitor live, backing vocals are allowed on the track but the competitor must sing the main vocal of the track. A microphone will be provided. 



Novice : this category is for entries who have little or no experience competing and/or are new to dance. This allows entries to experience the competition world and get a feel for the way things run and competing. You can be in our novice category within your 1st year of competing. Novice entries are not eligible for title awards. 


Competitive : This category if for experienced dancers. Those who have had a lot of training and previous competition experience. This category is eligible for all awards. 

age divisions 


Mini : ages 6 & below

Petite: ages 7-9

Junior : ages 10-12

Teens : ages 13-15

Seniors: ages 16 - 19

Adult : Age 20+

Ages are determined based on the dancer age on the date of the competition.

Duo/Trio's and Groups will compete at the average age division determined by averaging the age of all members of the group. 




A £5 entry fee is required to enter for a chance to win Title. All Title entries will be judged during the performance of their chosen routine during the competition. Title Awards will be given out during the award ceremony in which that solo routine was performed.


Only dance solo entries are eligible for Title. 


Dancers are eligible to win Title at more than one regional competition; however, this must be with a different routine. 


*If there is only one routine that is entered for Title in an age division, the routine must score at least 285 points out of 300 in order to receive the Title.*


Mini Miss/Mr. Dance (ages 6 and under)

Petite Miss/Mr. Dance (ages 7-9)


Junior Miss/Mr. Dance  (ages 10-12)


Teen Miss/Mr. Dance  (ages 13-15)


Senior Miss/Mr. Dance  (ages 16-19)

Adult Miss/Mr. Dance  (ages 20+)


time limits 

Solos : 2:00 minutes

Duo/Trio : 2:45 minutes

Small Group : 3:00 minutes

Large Group : 4:00 minutes

Production : 5:00 minutes


A penalty of 1/2 point deduction will be placed on any entry that has music over the permitted time every 10 seconds. 

Extra time is charged at £5 per minute. 



All music must be uploaded within the registration system by the deadline date given. Log on to www.ewfdc.dancecompgenie.com


We strongly recommend that you bring a back up of your music on a USB. Clearly labelled with Entry number, Title and dance studio name in the event of any technical difficulties or unforeseen circumstances. 

judging & awards

All routines will be scored out of 300 

290 - 300 points = Platinum Award

270 - 289 points = Gold Award

230 - 269 points = Silver Award

Up to 229 points = Bronze Award 


Each Judge is able to Award 100 points to entries


25 points for Technique

25 points for Performance 

25 points for Musicality

25 points for Choreography 

additional awards

Category High Scores 

Overall High Scores 


Earth Award

Wind Award

Fire Award

Costume Award

Judges Awards 



Entries must be made online within the allocated timeframe to need the deadline before closing. 


Payments must be made in full upon registration via bank transfer. Use your studio or name of participant as reference. Bank details are given at checkout. Earth, Wind & Fire Dance Competition reserves the right to give away your space if you fail to pay before the close of registration. Late fees may occur. 


A schedule will be issues to entries at least 7 days prior to the start of the competition. This will show your entry number and time allocated to compete. We will not be able to issue you with this information prior to the schedule being issued. 


Entries are required to perform in their allocated slot. Timing is subject to change and correct at the time issued. And changes are at the discretion of Earth, Wind & Fire Dance Competition. 

The judges decision is final. 

Communication with the judges is strictly prohibited and will result in disqualification.

Earth, Wind & Fire Dance Competition reserve the right to add or take away additional days to the competition and also merge age groups or add or remove genres to best suit the competition. 


30 seconds are allocated for entries with props. You have this time to preset and clear the stage. If you require longer this can be added at the time of registration. Failure to add extra time will result in 1/4 point being deducted for every 5 seconds over 30 seconds given. 

Dancers may be required to present proof of age at competitions. Dancers must produce this within 30 minuets of request failure to do so will result in disqualification.

Music and choreography must be age and entry appropriate. 


No additional sound equipment may be used. 


Lighting will be set to one state throughout the competition. 


All participants give Earth, Wind & Fire Dance Competition to video & photograph for promotional purposes. 


Entries are to check in with the stage manager at least 5 routines before they are due to compete. 


Title entries can be made with a £5 fee at the time of registration. 


Solo entries are not allowed to compete against themselves in a category. 


Earth, Wind & Fire Dance Competition or our hosting venue are not responsible for any injury sustained whilst at our events. You acknowledge that you are visiting at your own risk


Earth, Wind & Fire Dance Competition are not responsible for the loss or damage of any personal property of participants and guests. 


All fees are non-refundable or transferable. 


In the event of technical difficulties Earth, Wind & Fire will endeavour to do its best to resolve them with Dance Comp Genie as swiftly as possible. By attending our events you acknowledge that such difficulties can arise through no fault of Earth, Wind & Fire Dance Competition. 


Photos and video recordings are strictly prohibited. We will have a professional photographer on site. 


No liquids or aerosols are allowed in the backstage area. 


Sportsmanlike behaviour is a must. Each participant and spectator are expected to treat all entries with the respect. 


Spectators are only allowed to enter and exit the auditorium at the end of a routine. You are not permitted to leave whilst an entry is onstage. Cheering and supporting the entries is very welcome. 


Entries can be made through a studio or independently.  

All payments made are non refundable and non transferable, in the event of cancelation by event organisers full refunds will be made  for the competition entry fees. 

Management reservers the right to refuse entry. 

Management do not accept responsibility for incorrect music, or incorrect information entered into our registration system. 


No  refunds, discounts or good will be offered for travel or accommodation costs in the event of competition cancellation. 

In the event of a  third party cancellation that is out of our control i.e venue gets flooded, all routines are transferable but not refundable. 

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