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Our most prestigious award yet! Your dance school could be awarded the huge sum of £2,500 and the title of Earth Wind and Fires most outstanding studio!


To qualify you need to:

Enter three or more large group routines at any one of our regional competitions. Group dances must consist of 10 - 19 dancers.


​Your routines may fall under any of the following genres: Tap, Jazz, Lyrical, Ballet, Ballroom, Musical Theatre, Contemporary or Commercial



To make it through the Regionals stage, at least two of the routines must be awarded with 280 or higher (Gold Award) 


The highest scoring routine will be selected to go to the nationals. 


​The National event:

The top scoring three routines at each national event will be then selected to go through to the Championships. 



The final 6 routines will be judged at our championships with the two highest scoring routines which will then get the opportunity to perform in our Earth Wind & Fire Closing Ceremony. 


These two routines will have the privilege from the hundreds of dancers who have competed with us over the season to perform in our prestigious closing ceremony where we will be inviting guest artists to perform making it a truly spectacular closing ceremony. 


During the ceremony the two final group numbers of the season will be judged and chosen to be the winner and will gain the title STUDIO AWARD! and win the £2,500 grand prize!!!


(In the event of a tie between two studios at anytime, the final decision will be given to the panel of judges)