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title Divisions 

A £5 entry fee is required to enter for a chance to win Title. All Title entries will be judged during the performance of their chosen routine during the competition. Title Awards will be given out during the award ceremony in which that solo routine was performed.


Only dance solo entries are eligible for Title. 


Dancers are eligible to win Title at more than one regional competition; however, this must be with a different routine. 


*If there is only one routine that is entered for Title in an age division, the routine must score at least 285 points out of 300 in order to receive the Title.*


Mini Miss/Mr. Dance (ages 6 and under)

Petite Miss/Mr. Dance (ages 7-9)


Junior Miss/Mr. Dance  (ages 10-12)


Teen Miss/Mr. Dance  (ages 13-15)


Senior Miss/Mr. Dance  (ages 16-19)

Adult Miss/Mr. Dance  (ages 20+)